Our company has a complete line for painting and powder coating.

The line consists of 4 entities:
1.Hemijska Priprema1.Chemical preparation
3.Painting cabin with accompanying equipment
4.Polymerization oven

The line capacity is approximately 70m2/h (depending on the shape and dimension of the piece)
max. dimensions of the working item are: 700 x 1800 x 6200 (mm)

Technical characteristics of PE color:

Glow by GARDNER (ISO2813) 45 up to over 90%
Thickness 70 - 80 mm
Hardness by BUCHHOLZ (ISO2815) min. 100
Elasticity by ERICHSEN sphere (ISO1520) 8 - 10 (mm)
Elasticity byERICHSEN bending (ISO1519) no cracks in bending on ø5 mm
high temperatures resistance 0.5 h 230°C

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