Sheet Metal Machinery - Shears

Code Manufacturer Type
20-004 FISHER
20-005 STEINER HTS 2500/8
20-008 FISCHER
20-009 MENGELE 3m 16mm
Code: 20-004
Manufacturer: FISHER
Technical characteristics: HYDRAULIC
Length of cutting: 400mm
Thickness of cutting: 12mm
Code: 20-005
Manufacturer: STEINER
Type: HTS 2500/8
Technical characteristics: HYDRAULIC WITH ELECTRIC GUIDE
Thickness of cutting: 8 mm
Cutting length 2.500 mm
Code: 20-008
Manufacturer: FISCHER
Technical characteristics: MECHANICAL
Length of cutting: 800 mm
Thickness of cutting: 6 mm
Code: 20-009
Manufacturer: MENGELE
Type: 3m 16mm
Thickness of cutting: 16mm
Cutting length: 3000mm