Sandblasting materials

Flow lines for sand blasting / shot peening is used for treating long and / or          metallic flat products - steel plates, profiles, steel structures fabricated parts.          Treated material, thanks to the rollers on which it is transmitted, and that during the          sandblasting process, continually undergoing pre-chamber, the chamber blasting and          cleaning chamber. Thanks to the way that is designed, it is possible to          material to be treated equally on all sides. In this way it is possible to remove          deposits, rust and paint with long and / or flat products, such as steel table          sheets and "l" brackets. Given that it is a flow-line, element length is          limiting factor, but because of the proposed transport up to 18.000 mm.

Material Width Height
Steel sheets ≤ 3120 mm -
Steel profiles
- ≤ 650 mm

Material The cross-section max
Finished parts of steel structures 650 x 3100 mm