Policy quality

Realizing the quality of work processes, operations and production as the most important factor of competitiveness and success in the market, always and completely fulfilling the requirements of customers / users, SLOGA METAL KRAGUJEVAC company strives to provide their trust and satisfaction with quality of service and product quality and continuous improvement in all phases of labor and business.


Active planning and efficient use of available human, technological and financial resources, aimed at improving the quality, SLOGA METAL company strives to maintain the achieved level of competitive quality, with minimum cost of labor and business processes.

Given the choices listed company SLOGA METAL KRAGUJEVAC quality policy is issued based on the following basic principles:

1. Quality is, for all employees, sacrosanct responsibility to keep meeting the demands of customers / users and quality requirements by:
          - Suppliers
          - Own work processes and operations

2. The company's quality management system is primarily directed to:
    - Constant identifying deficiencies in the work and business, and their elimination participation of all employees, and most of all              managers at all levels and
          - Constant innovation and business proceasa work in workplaces of all employees

3. Quality criteria for the company are:
          - Efficient and effective work and work "flawlessly"
       - Full training and accountability processes for all employees where they work, especially managers and participants in the development             process and
          - Perform activities in time and quality, and for the first time by employees

4. Measure the quality of the company are:
          - Minimum cost of conflict in work processes and operations,
          - Maximum quality and innovative all phases of the business,
          - Complete documented work processes and operations and
          - Productivity, efficiency, rationality and checked and at a competitive level.

In the realization of the company's quality policy SLOGA METAL KRAGUJEVAC realized partnering with its customers to suppliers. All employees are aware of the need to:
          - Have a positive attitude and responsible attitude towards the quality of their own work processes,
          - Quality time to perform activities entrusted to them and
          - Constantly innovate and improve the quality of the work process in which they wor

Kragujevac, August 2010.